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Laboratoire d'Hématologie
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COST Action BM 0902 is pleased to invite you to its

MPN&MPNr-EuroNet Fourth Training School

From theory to practice

Nîmes, France - May 22-24, 2013


  • Serge CARILLO, MCU-PH, CHU Nîmes - UM1
  • Thierry LAVABRE-BERTRAND, PU-PH, CHU Nîmes - UM1

Training School presentation

Since the seminal discovery of the V617F mutation of the receptor associated JAK2 Tyrosine Kinase in 2005, number of other mutations have been described in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, except CML, involving JAK2 exons 12, 13 14 (in addition to c1849G>T V617F) 15 and cMpl exon10. Since the last 2 years, others rare mutations have been described. Some of them are involved in disease progression like IDH, Tet2, ... Others (CBL, ASXL1, ...) are associated with some MPN. Finally, predispositions SNP like 46/1 GG/CC have been reported.

This markedly modified MPN pathophysiology understanding and stimulated new therapeutic research axes highlighted by the present development of specific Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (the first developed being now in phase 3 clinical assays).

This also markedly modified MPN diagnosis, moving from exclusion to positive diagnosis. This ended by the new revised WHO MPN classification, in 2008.

Different molecular biology techniques dedicated to detection and/or quantification of these mutations have been reported: AS-PCR, ARM PCR, hybridization probe, Taqman probe, HRM, LNA clamped PCR, ... Most of the COST Training School experts are concerned with these technologies. Some international scientific organizations like European Leukemia Net claim to find out the better validated techniques. Some of the experts participate in this program.

COST (european COoperation in Science and Technology) aims favoring researchers and physicians meeting, in different fields, in order to get synergies, help scientific information and techniques diffusion. COST organization decided to support MPN (COST Action BM0902). Training School meets COST aims. COST action BM0902 involves 2 training schools. The first one organized in Coimbra (Portugal) by Dr BENTO is dedicated to congenital erythrocytosis. The second one, to be held in Nîmes deals with new detection techniques of MPN mutations.

The first 2011 Nîmes Training School was warmly appreciated by the applicants. So, COST Action BM0902 decided during its last meeting in Munich to organize it once more.

Who is concerned ?

The maximum applicant number is 10 so that each trainee can practice in ideal conditions.

Applicants will benefit from the molecular biology platform of the University Hospital of Nîmes. They will practice under the guidance of experts. In order to maximize and facilitate exchanges, experts will be present with trainees for the whole day.

Registration fees : 250,00 €.


MPN&MPN-EuroNet offers five scholarships. For scholarship attribution, priority will be given to applicants presenting the following characteristics:

  1. early stage of career (up to 8 years after the last degree);
  2. motivation, judged from the letter of motivation;
  3. confirmation of a relatively stable position in relation to the MPN field;
  4. support letter from the supervisor;
  5. in case of high competition among applicants, priority will be given to candidates from small laboratories or/and from countries with scarce ressources.
To apply for a scholarship, applicant must send a mail to Mrs.Elodie Hervio explaining why she/he wishes to attend the training school and why a scholarship is needed. The applicant should also provide a short CV. Click on the following link to send a mail to Mrs. Elodie Hervio. Please upload here the CV template

The deadline for application to a scholarship is Tuesday April 16th, 2013.

Applicants will be informed of the decision regarding attribution of scholarship via e-mail by April 19th, 2013.


Molecular diagnostic, myeloproliferative neoplasms, JAK2 mutation, MPL mutation, allelic burden quantification

Join us in a friendly atmosphere and enjoy the training

Images : Office du Tourisme Anduze