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COST Action BM 0902 is pleased to invite you to its

Second MPN/MPNr-EuroNet Meeting

Molecular Diagnosis of MyeloProliferative Neoplasms (MPN)
and MPN-related congenital diseases (MPNr)

Albufeira, Portugal - October 3-4, 2010


The aims of MPN&MPNr-EuroNet's second workshop being held in Albufeira, Portugal, October 3-4, 2010, are :

  1. to inform participants on the newest developments in MPN and related diseases. To do so, the workshop will begin with a plenary session (October 3rd), where invited speakers will describe the genetics of congenital thrombocythemia.
  2. to exchange and diffuse information on the molecular assays developed for diagnosis or research in laboratories across Europe. To do so, up to 4 short talks and a poster session, held on October 3rd, will be dedicated to the description of various molecular assays and the results obtained by participants to the workshop.
  3. to discuss and plan for the different tasks and objectives that the 4 working groups (WG) have assigned themselves. To do so, the 4 WG will convene in the afternoon of October 3rd and the morning of October 4th, under the direction of the WG chairs. New participants wishing to become actively involved in a specific WG task will be encouraged to become WG member.
Objectives Thus, participants to the second MPN&MPNr-EuroNet workshop will have the opportunity to hear from the best experts about the newest developments in the molecular diagnosis of MPN and related congenital diseases. They will have the opportunity to present their own work and original diagnostic assays, and exchange with colleagues on the newest genes and techniques of interest in the field of MPN, congenital erythrocytosis and hereditary thrombocythemia. By joining one of MPN&MPNr-EuroNet working groups, they will be able to contribute actively, productively and durably in innovation, optimization and standardization of the biological diagnosis of MPN and related congenital diseases in Europe.
More info Click on the following link to get more info about MPN&MPNr-EuroNet.
Keywords molecular diagnosis, congenital erythrocytosis, myeloproliferative neoplasms, European network, hereditary thrombocythemia, standardization

MPN&MPN-EuroNet offers scholarships to early state researchers (ESR). ESR are biologists or clinicians who received their MD or PhD degree less than 10 years ago. To apply for a scholarship, ESR must submit an abstract and poster, and send a letter of motivation and their curriculum vitae to Mrs. Elodie Hervio . Click on the following link to send a mail to Elodie Hervio.
The deadline for application to a scholarship is August 22nd, 2010. Applicants will be informed of the decision regarding attribution of scholarship via E-mail on between August 31st and September 5th, 2010.


Reimbursements of COST members and scholarship recipients

COST members, substitute members and scholarship recipients must register in e-COST in order to be reimbursed for their travel and lodging expanses. Click on the following link to get access to e-COST. To allow sufficient time for treating the files of all individuals applying for reimbursement, we highly recommend registration in e-COST before September 5th, 2010.

Abstract Submission

Participants are encouraged to submit an abstract in relation to the diagnosis of MPN, congenital erythrocytosis, and hereditary thrombocythemia. Abstracts will be put together in an Abstract Book that will be distributed to participants during the second MPN&MPNr-EuroNet meeting. Abstracts should be composed as follows:

  • Title
  • Names of co-authors
  • Institutions and addresses
  • E-mail address of corresponding author
  • Text (body of text less than 2000 characters, including spaces).

The deadline for submission of abstracts is August 31st, 2010.
In order to submit an abstract, participants should first be registered, then, being logged in, choose Abstract in the menu bar on Registration page.

Join us and enjoy the conference in a friendly atmosphere!