Useful Links
  1. EuGESMA
  2. European Hematology Ass.
  3. European Leukemia Net
  4. Hypoxianet
  5. Orphanet
  6. Intergroupe Français SMP
  7. COST homepage
  8. COST Action BM0902
  9. ENERCA - European Network for Rare and Congenital Anaemias
  10. European Red Cell Society (ERCS)

SeqAhead (COST Action BM1006)

STSM - Short Term Missions

Other links, classified by country


Belgian Hematological Society
Belgian Society of Human Genetics
MolecularDiagnostics.be discussion forum-platform for Molecular Biologists in Belgium affiliated to Hospital labs active in the Molecular Diagnostics field.


Société Francaise d'Hématologie
France Intergroupe des syndromes Myéloprolifératifs (FIM)
Association de patients SMP


Haematology Association of Ireland


British Society for Haematology
British Committee for Standards in Haematology [guidelines]
BSH Conferences
Leucoctyte Immunophenotyping
Patients' association

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