impascience is a dynamic company that is able to provide Scientific leaders such yourself, with a wealth of experience gained in organizing and management of scientific events and networks. Created in 2008, impascience designed and insured up dating and maintenance of about ten networking web sites, and managed more than 70 successful scientific events in France, throughout Europe, Asia, and in the Americas. Events have ranged from Industrial and Technical, to Scientific Conferences, Workshops, Trainings and Trade Fairs, welcoming up to 650 registered participants.

Tools: ConfWeb®, EventAdmin®, Meet_Me®

Oriented internet tools developed and available exclusively through impascience will enable you to confidently succeed in overseeing your scientific event, while giving you the freedom to maintain control.

Brigitte Poncelet De Smet graduated in Chemistry at the University of Liège, Belgium in 1980, and has since acquired more than 30 years of international work experience (Belgium, Canada, France) both in industry (material science and chemistry, biotechnology and bioenergy) and in education (high school and vocational secondary school teaching).

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